Google My Business (GMB): How to Use Attributes When Creating a Business Profile

According to Hootsuite, prospective customers are 70 percent more likely to visit local businesses with a GMB profile.

Google sent me a Box Today: Project Beacon

Meet Project Beacon – Google’s New Program We were lucky enough to receive a beacon from Google’s new program: Project Beacon. This exciting new program is now available for businesses in the US and the UK and it helps make businesses with physical locations more visible (like a beacon) to customers with mobile devices (read… Continue reading Google sent me a Box Today: Project Beacon

Untappd Events Plugin for WordPress

If you own a bar with more than 4 beers on tap you’ve probably heard of Untappd, if not I’ll give you a little info. Untappd is essentially a beer tracker for people looking for certain beers at bars in the area. The consumer opens the Untappd app on their phone, the phone then geo… Continue reading Untappd Events Plugin for WordPress

Social Influencer Network

Philadelphia Influencer Network

Do you have a lot of friends on Facebook, followers on Instagram or Pageviews on your Blog? Join our Social Influencer Network and get rewarded for sharing sponsored content to your followers! The way is works is very simple. You fill out a form with a little info about yourself and we’ll pair you up with a brand… Continue reading Social Influencer Network

Snapchat Creative Marketing

There’s money to be made through Snapchat filters Remember back in the good old days when nightclub promoters would wage war on one another by handing out flyers at competing clubs? With Snapchat geofilters the game is back on and we’re seeing some huge results. Imagine spending $9 and getting your flyers into the hands… Continue reading Snapchat Creative Marketing

Collect more Emails

One of the first questions I get asked when working with a new client is, “How can you get me more emails?” It seems that business owners understand the impact that email marketing can have on their bottom line but can’t figure out how to consistently collect emails to add to their database. In the… Continue reading Collect more Emails

You don’t have to just “LIKE” a FB post anymore w/Facebook Emoji Reactions

Thanks to the Global Launch of Facebook Emoji ‘Reactions’…You no longer have to just “LIKE” a post! The “LIKE” button has finally evolved. Facebook unveiled five animated emojis you can choose from instead of just the standard “LIKE” including Love, HaHa, Wow, Sad & Angry By popular demand, Facebook is going beyond the ubiquitous thumbs-up… Continue reading You don’t have to just “LIKE” a FB post anymore w/Facebook Emoji Reactions

Real-Time Advertising on Facebook & Google

Your definition of real-time marketing is about to change. While real-time marketing will still revolve around social, new elements are hitting the scene. While real-time marketing on social media is efficient, it may not reach the top retailers you need to properly expose your brand. RangeMe allows direct contact with top retailers, with the opportunity… Continue reading Real-Time Advertising on Facebook & Google

New Website: Travel Services Company

With the threat of Mobilegeddon looming our newest client needed a responsive 2.0 website asap. While most of our clients are in the bar / restaurant industry we decided to take on the challenge. After just one month of planning and design they had a shiny new site built on the wordpress CMS. The client has… Continue reading New Website: Travel Services Company

The Complete List of Bar & Restaurant Social Media Tips

Every business could use a boost in marketing, whether it’s selling a product or a service. In the case of restaurants, it happens to be both food and service. Running a restaurant can be immensely challenging. Using the best Restaurant Equipment would help make everything run smoother. Being able to show people that your restaurant… Continue reading The Complete List of Bar & Restaurant Social Media Tips