Add New Event to your Squarespace Website

I put together this quick video after we had trouble figuring out the backend of Squarespace for a client. While Squarespace is an awesome platform to build a beautiful website on, it can at times be a little difficult to understand where things go. The following video will show you how to add a new… Continue reading Add New Event to your Squarespace Website

Summer at the Jersey Shore Marketing Stats

This Summer Small Talk Media will be Playing in the Sand! For the first time since our inception we will be doing business in the Jersey shore markets. We’ve done the research and can see that there’s an immense amount of traffic online that’s been relatively untapped by business owners. See our market research in… Continue reading Summer at the Jersey Shore Marketing Stats

New Website: Cuisine 365

Business has been booming for our friends at Cuisine 365, but a lackluster website didn’t quite match their brand image. As the official catering company for the Philadelphia 76ers and just like the 6ers Cuisine had to step up their game to compete in this highly competitive market. They came to Small Talk Media with… Continue reading New Website: Cuisine 365

New Website: Travel Services Company

With the threat of Mobilegeddon looming our newest client needed a responsive 2.0 website asap. While most of our clients are in the bar / restaurant industry we decided to take on the challenge. After just one month of planning and design they had a shiny new site built on the wordpress CMS. The client has… Continue reading New Website: Travel Services Company

New Website: Cavanaugh’s Riverdeck

We work with the folks at Cavanaugh’s on a daily basis. We build events, manage their social media, design flyers and do just about anything else you can think of. After months of begging the owners, they finally gave in and let us put together a new website. We wanted to make sure the site… Continue reading New Website: Cavanaugh’s Riverdeck