Tracking Cookies are coming to an end, how will advertisers pivot

Despite shifts in marketer priorities and stark warnings from experts, it’s still not clear how advertisers will navigate the landscape after third-party cookie deprecation.

Apple Privacy changes impact on Facebook Ads

Apple is changing privacy too make it harder for small businesses to advertise on Facebook

It’s finally happening. If you’ve watched the recent Netflix series The Social Dilemma you’ve seen how social media platforms are tracking us using data and how they’re feeding that data to advertisers. I had a few conversations with friends and family who also watched the movie. They all seemed a little shook at how their… Continue reading Apple Privacy changes impact on Facebook Ads

Fun Videos from Small Talk Media

It can’t be all work and no play all of the time. Here’s a few videos that we put together for some of the fun events that we’ve been apart of.

A+ Social Campaign by A1 “Sauce”

A1 is the steak sauce that our parents ALWAYS had in the cabinet. It was absolutely generational as I remember my parents and grandparents using it but very rarely see someone my own age use it. I’m guessing that their sales saw the same decrease in users as they’ve went through a rebranding process to… Continue reading A+ Social Campaign by A1 “Sauce”

Video Marketing: Now Offered In House by Small Talk Media

Facebook is no doubt the largest player in the social media advertising space right now. With the ability to target users based on their “likes” and where they live, Facebook has given businesses the ability to find new customers like never before. We’ve been using Facebook ads at Small Talk Media for years but it… Continue reading Video Marketing: Now Offered In House by Small Talk Media

Snapchat Creative Marketing

There’s money to be made through Snapchat filters Remember back in the good old days when nightclub promoters would wage war on one another by handing out flyers at competing clubs? With Snapchat geofilters the game is back on and we’re seeing some huge results. Imagine spending $9 and getting your flyers into the hands… Continue reading Snapchat Creative Marketing

Summer at the Jersey Shore Marketing Stats

This Summer Small Talk Media will be Playing in the Sand! For the first time since our inception we will be doing business in the Jersey shore markets. We’ve done the research and can see that there’s an immense amount of traffic online that’s been relatively untapped by business owners. See our market research in… Continue reading Summer at the Jersey Shore Marketing Stats

Real-Time Advertising on Facebook & Google

Your definition of real-time marketing is about to change. While real-time marketing will still revolve around social, new elements are hitting the scene. While real-time marketing on social media is efficient, it may not reach the top retailers you need to properly expose your brand. RangeMe allows direct contact with top retailers, with the opportunity… Continue reading Real-Time Advertising on Facebook & Google

New Client Spotlight: Premier Urgent Care

Premier Urgent Care is our newest client We’re happy to announce that Small Talk Media is now the full time digital marketing agency for Premier Urgent Care. If you’re not familiar Premier Urgent Care is a chain of 16 medical facilities staffed by board-certified physicians to provide responsive, compassionate emergency-level care on a walk-in basis… Continue reading New Client Spotlight: Premier Urgent Care

Best Commercials of 2013

When you run a digital marketing agency you’re creativity is constantly tested. Here’s a few advertisers from 2013 that aren’t running low on creativity. Digital Marketing Agency Philadelphia