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Your definition of real-time marketing is about to change. While real-time marketing will still revolve around social, new elements are hitting the scene. While real-time marketing on social media is efficient, it may not reach the top retailers you need to properly expose your brand. RangeMe allows direct contact with top retailers, with the opportunity to promote to places such as Target for target partners online. Despite this, real-time marketing is still a vital part of an advertisement.
Both Google and Facebook recently announced new real-time marketing additions. Google, of course, has been the key platform for internet marketing for a while now, with all brands and businesses looking to perfect their SEO so that they can perform best on Google. This is often done by professional SEO teams such as that help their clients become higher ranked on search engines. However, it seems that both Google and Facebook are developing their presence in the online marketing world. Unsurprisingly, both arrived just in time for the historic Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7. Now both platforms can roll out their new features to eagerly awaiting brands and fans by seizing the Super Bowl’s momentum.
The 2015 Super Bowl was the most tweeted ever with more than 28.4 million tweets. Facebook also saw record-high numbers with more than 265 million posts and conversations about the Super Bowl.
The significant bump in both traffic and engagement drastically affected the ads running on Facebook. Click-through rates for Facebook ads were up 9 percent, while conversion rates increased by 415 percent compared to the Sunday prior, according to Marin Software data.
Super Bowl organizers announced this year’s NFL title game will be the most technologically advanced game ever played. With this in mind, the opportunity to generate mobile ad revenue is undeniable. I’m guessing it will be the most social game ever too.
Here’s what you need to know about the new real-time marketing additions. Follow along with the features as you tune into Super Bowl 50.

Google introduces real-time advertising

  • What: Real-Time Ads let brands publish advertisements live.
  • Why: Google wants “to help brands be a part of live events conversations in a way that’s timely and relevant.” Ideally, your message should “tie directly to the big moment consumers just experienced.”
  • Where: Your brand can instantly run real-times ads on YouTube as well as the apps and 2 million sites in Google’s Display Network.
  • When: Right now, this new addition is still in beta. Its first major test will be during Super Bowl 50. Later in 2016, the feature will roll out more broadly.
  • How: If you’re thinking, “How could I create and publish a relevant ad during a live event?” Google wants you to know that while the ad will run it real-time, “right now, the content is typically preplanned.” Phew! However, for some businesses, Google ads are not used because of rule changes, bail bond ads are one of these chosen. You can see why Google banned bail ads and what to do if you need to advertise in alternative ways. by looking at sites such as
  • Advantage for your brand: Real-Time Ads allow you to connect and talk with consumers when you have their full attention. So, make use of it. Oreo’s 2013 viral tweet about the Super Bowl power outage is a perfect example. Your brand can quickly chime in on real-time happenings. Or, you can amplify the same message that’s already running on other platforms.
Facebook’s new Sports Stadium can show live updates of the game as well as comments from friends. (Image: Facebook)

All about Facebook’s new real-time additions

  • What: Facebook Sports Stadium displays all content related to the game in one place. Specifically, you’ll see friends’ comments, experts’ commentary, live scores and game info. The game unfolds with a live play-by-play, even allowing you to comment on and share individuals plays.
  • Why: Facebook declares itself “the world’s largest stadium” with over 650 million sports fans. Now, they want Facebook to be your go-to place to watch and talk about the game.
  • Where: Search for the game in your search bar on iPhones. Facebook Sports Stadium will roll out on other platforms in the next few weeks.
  • When: It’s live! Right now, Facebook Sports Stadium is broadcasting American football games.
  • Advantage for your brand: There aren’t too many ways for your brand to participate in Facebook Sports Stadium – yet. For now, your best bet is to run Facebook ads during big football games to get your message out to a captive audience. Maximize your momentum by creating football-centric content.

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