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There’s money to be made through Snapchat filters

Remember back in the good old days when nightclub promoters would wage war on one another by handing out flyers at competing clubs? With Snapchat geofilters the game is back on and we’re seeing some huge results. Imagine spending $9 and getting your flyers into the hands of 13,000+ people!
Here’s the results from a recent $8.75 filter that we placed on Snapchat…
Snapchat filter advertising
You can see that the amount of people using and viewing these snaps are astounding and this was only over a 4 hour period. You’ve seen the reach, now you need the strategy.
Snapchat filters are easy to setup; you create an account HERE, download the template, make a simple ad with your branding in photoshop or illustrator, upload your ad, set the date and length of time that you want it to run, draw a map around the area you’d like to target, insert your credit card info and you’re good to go. Ads typically take 24 hours or less to be confirmed or rejected. While they do have a terms of use section I’ve found that it’s more of a test and measure situation as there’s a lot of inconsistency on their end.
Now for the fun part. Anyone can drop a filter over their own business but try to think outside the box when placing your filter. Is there a huge concert in town and you want to drive people to your bar after the concert? Try making a filter that says “After Party at.. (your bar’s logo)” and placing it right on top of the concert. Everybody at the concert will be on Snapchat and your bar will be the first thing they see!
If you have an Art Gallery in Old City Philadelphia it might be smart to drop a filter over Old City during first Friday to get people to come to your gallery first.
Are you trying to sell your business to business product to a large company? Drop a filter over their building with your logo. Yes, people are on Snapchat at work and yes, they’re gonna know who you are and they’re gonna talk about it.
Being that our business is deeply entrenched in the hospitality marketing space our most effective tactics come from targeting crowded areas with like minded consumers and the results have been astounding. It’s not that hard to setup for yourself but definitely takes some time to manage. If you want some help from us hit up a member of our team HERE.

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