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One of the first questions I get asked when working with a new client is, “How can you get me more emails?” It seems that business owners understand the impact that email marketing can have on their bottom line but can’t figure out how to consistently collect emails to add to their database. In the article below I’ll give you a few tips that can help you build that helpless email list into an online marketing powerhouse. Using email marketing tools and software, like those from Epsilon, can help a business to utilize its list of email addresses in a more effective manner.

Loyalty Programs through WIFI

When someone enters your business one of the first questions they’ll ask is, “what’s your wifi password?” Utilizing a Wifi Loyalty program like Zenreach you can turn your wifi customers into return customers through email marketing. The process for customers is simple; They pull up your wifi network on their phone, tablet or computer, click your business name and when they’re prompted they either enter their email and birthday or login through Facebook. Once they enter the info you can export those emails and add them to your email marketing software. Zenreach also has a great full suite of loyalty program features that goes far beyond simple email marketing. This is an effective tactic that consistently adds emails to our customer databases. Contact us for our special affiliate pricing with Zenreach.

The Contact Form on your Website

People come to your website, browse around and if they have more questions they fill out the contact form on your website. If you’re like me you’re getting quite a few of these everyday which end up just sitting in your inbox. It’s a huge waste of time to go back and save each email individually. The answer for this is form software. Companies like Wufoo and Jotform can collect these emails for you at a very minimal cost and you still get all inquiries right to your inbox. Once or twice a monthly simply login to your form software and export your emails to a CSV and upload to your email software. Here’s a tutorial on how to export your contacts with Wufoo. Think outside the box with this one, you can also use this type of software for private party requests, guestlists, surveys and more.

Giveaways, Contests and Events

Using the same form software that I mentioned above you can utilize a call to action that will encourage consumers to signup to receive something. When people signup for something they generally understand that you will be remarketing to them, however the first email you send them should say something like, “Thanks for attending XYZ event, be on the lookout for more great events sent right to your inbox each month.” I’ve used this strategy to collect hundreds of thousands of emails for our clients.

Export your Contacts from LinkedIn

Most people involved in business will have a LinkedIn profile. Not only does this help them to appear more professional, it also helps them to connect with multiple other business people. By using LinkedIn, you have the ability to actually export your contacts so you add them to your CRM or mass email software. It’s really easy to do, just click here and download as a CSV. This can help businesses to grow their potential clients, possibly resulting in more sales. To learn how to fully utilize the services of LinkedIn to benefit a business, Check our LinkedIn training courses.

Export your Contacts from Facebook

I will preface by saying that this is a very controversial topic. Facebook doesn’t want you to do this and it takes quite a bit of work around to actually export the emails but yes, it can be done. I’ll just leave this link Here

Buying an Email List

You just started your business and you’ve seen websites that sell targeted email lists, it seems like a great idea but this is bad news. Most of the emails on that list will be outdated or fake. By using these types of addresses, you could be setting yourself up for failure, and even worse, trouble as you could get penalized for this. That’s why using an email checker that is reliable beforehand can help you to find the email addresses that are invalid so you can focus on the accounts that will really make a difference to your business. So, you should always be careful about which accounts you decide to use. I strongly suggest staying away from buying emails.

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