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Social Influencer Network

Do you have a lot of friends on Facebook, followers on Instagram or Pageviews on your Blog? Join our Social Influencer Network and get rewarded for sharing sponsored content to your followers!
The way is works is very simple. You fill out a form with a little info about yourself and we’ll pair you up with a brand or local company that we’re representing that would be a good fit.
Examples could include:

  • A local foodie is paired up with a Philadelphia restaurant
  • Someone who likes to go out at night is paired up with a new nightclub
  • A contractor is paired up with a local cabinet company
  • A fashionista is paired up with a new hair care product
  • A beer advocate is paired with a new brewery
  • A dirtbike rider is paired up with an energy drink brand

Once a good connection is made between the brand and the influencer we then discuss monetary compensation or product trade.
If you have a large following online Click Here and fill out our quick questionnaire.
What we’re looking for:

  • Influencers with more than 3,000 followers on a single social media platform
  • Influencer with more than 5,000 page views per month on their blog
  • Acceptable social networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Vine and Pinterest
  • A good profile on Yelp, Tripadvisor and Google is also a plus but cannot be directly compensated
  • Please note that anyone with a purchased following will not be approved

If you’re a brand or local business interested in finding influencers to drive sales for you contact us today

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