Google My Business (GMB): How to Use Attributes When Creating a Business Profile

According to Hootsuite, prospective customers are 70 percent more likely to visit local businesses with a GMB profile.

Tracking Cookies are coming to an end, how will advertisers pivot

Despite shifts in marketer priorities and stark warnings from experts, it’s still not clear how advertisers will navigate the landscape after third-party cookie deprecation.

Real-Time Advertising on Facebook & Google

Your definition of real-time marketing is about to change. While real-time marketing will still revolve around social, new elements are hitting the scene. While real-time marketing on social media is efficient, it may not reach the top retailers you need to properly expose your brand. RangeMe allows direct contact with top retailers, with the opportunity… Continue reading Real-Time Advertising on Facebook & Google

Play Pac-Man on ANY Google Map

Yes, you can now play Pac-man on ANY google map! Simply type in an address on a google map and click the Pac-Man image on the bottom of the screen. I’ve noticed that some aspects of the game are still a little clunky. A few times it didn’t want to work with the map that… Continue reading Play Pac-Man on ANY Google Map

A few things you didn’t know about Google Drive

This is a great article originally from Mashable. Easily one of my favorite sites. Google Drive is here to make your life easy, but we’re here to make it even easier. The multifaceted feature that allows you to create documents, photos, spreadsheets, drawings and more has boundless abilities. However, with Drive’s constant updates and added… Continue reading A few things you didn’t know about Google Drive

Social Media Growth Up to 2013

I found this great infographic on Media Bistro with Social Media growth from 2004 to 2013. Some of these numbers are going to surprise you, take a look at Google+… Click Here for the full article