New Client Spotlight: Premier Urgent Care

Premier Urgent Care is our newest client

We’re happy to announce that Small Talk Media is now the full time digital marketing agency for Premier Urgent Care. If you’re not familiar Premier Urgent Care is a chain of 16 medical facilities staffed by board-certified physicians to provide responsive, compassionate emergency-level care on a walk-in basis to people with urgent medical needs. Along with emergency treatment each facility also provides drug and alcohol screenings such as a 12 panel drug test, pre-employment physical examinations, X Rays, vaccines, sports injury treatment, and teleburn treatments. There are other medical services on offer too. You can find the full list here.

While our primary skills at Small Talk Media are in digital marketing for this particular client we’re opening the entire tool chest working on digital marketing, advertising, guerilla marketing, community relations, charity partnership, grand opening events, public relations and more. We’re very excited for this opportunity and to be working in this exploding new business category in the healthcare sector.

If you’re interested in a partnership or other type of business relationship with Premier Urgent Care please reach out to us through our contact page.

Premier Urgent Care Emergency Medical  client digital marketing

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