The Next Big Thing in Food

The Next Hot Trends in Food You may not have heard of moringa or regenerative grazing yet. But there’s a good chance you will before long. Trend-spotting in food: What experts say may become the next açaí berry or coconut water. Not too far in the future, when you reach for a healthy drink, it… Continue reading The Next Big Thing in Food

UberEATS Launching Soon in Philadelphia

Combining Ride Sharing and Food Delivery with UberEATS Anyone from Philadelphia will tell you that one of the best things about living in the city is the food. There are thousands of incredible restaurants scattered across the city, and the startup giant Uber aims to help people get their favorite foods delivered anytime. UberEATS came… Continue reading UberEATS Launching Soon in Philadelphia

Food Photos

While I’m certainly not a professional photographer when I scroll through some of the food pics I’ve taken over the last year I can’t help but get hungry. I figured it would be nice if I passed a few of these mouth watering gems along to you. Most pics were shot with my Canon T3i… Continue reading Food Photos