UberEATS Launching Soon in Philadelphia

Combining Ride Sharing and Food Delivery with UberEATS

Anyone from Philadelphia will tell you that one of the best things about living in the city is the food. There are thousands of incredible restaurants scattered across the city, and the startup giant Uber aims to help people get their favorite foods delivered anytime. UberEATS came to Philadelphia on August 17, and it will be exciting to watch how the city’s restaurants respond to this new food delivery app. Uber has experienced some serious growth in Philly. Everyone knows someone who’s an uber driver! If you are one of the Uber driving army, head to in order to learn the most effective way of tracking your mileage.

UberEATS in Philly

Philadelphia is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. There are hundreds of local staples, such as Tony Luke’s and Dalessandro’s, and little-known gems nestled in University City and Philadelphia’s Chinatown. UberEATS is starting with a small selection of restaurants, but local eateries are likely to join the craze very quickly. At launch, UberEATS in Philadelphia will offer delivery from Jones, Pod, Buddakan, and El Vez. The following week, Continental, Alma de Cuba, Morimoto, and Butcher and Singer join the list of delivery options. UberEATS in Philadelphia will charge only $5 per delivery, regardless of how far you are from the restaurant and how much you order. Most of the city is within the coverage area, but North Philadelphia residents may be out of luck until more restaurants sign up. Uber customers simply download the UberEATS app, open it, and select from where they want to order. The new app will already have your customer information ready to go. Uber drivers in Philadelphia can opt in to be delivery drivers, who, like other fast-food businesses, need to be insured in order to operate. While they must sign up as an UberEATS driver separately and must ensure that they get an uber quote for cheaper insurance, the company estimates heavy participation and claims there will be hundreds of available delivery drivers at any given time. Not only does this provide drivers with an additional source of working hours and income, it helps boost business for partnered restaurants. Customers can easily enjoy some of Philadelphia’s best food from the comfort of their own homes with a few clicks of the app. Companies that run on a similar formula of food delivery may wish to implement some kind of food delivery software to better optimize the process of getting food to the customer in less time and at a lower cost.
Uber has proved to be a great way for drivers to earn a bit of extra cash by ferrying passengers around their local areas, and it provides an unprecedented level of convenience to anyone looking for a quick and easy alternative to traditional transportation services. UberEATS is going to make big waves in Philly. More people will be able to enjoy some of the best local food without contending with wait lists and reservations, and more demand for drivers will create a bigger market for individuals looking to earn extra money.

Uber’s Crazy Success

Uber was founded in 2009 and has become one of the biggest success stories of the decade. The company, which provides a ride-sharing service that offers flexible work hours for drivers and an alternative to public transportation and other livery services for passengers, is currently valued near $60 billion. There have been a few hiccups along the way, including a $100 million settlement paid to drivers after a controversy over whether they were employees or contractors.
However, the company continues to grow. One of the perks of using Uber is the convenience. Sure, you can call for a cab just about anywhere, but Uber users can set up rides through the app and arrange pickups anywhere. There’s also an undeniable social appeal to Uber – many users enjoy the more personal atmosphere of riding in someone’s car rather than a taxi that has seen countless passengers. Uber has big plans; the ride-sharing company has expanded to business travel and parcel delivery. Uber hopes to take 1 million cars off New York City streets with the UberPOOL carpooling program. UberEATS aims to expand the influence of Uber by functioning as a food delivery service, and it has arrived in one of the best cities for great food on the East Coast.
UberEats Philadelphia Food Delivery ServiceUberEats Philadelphia Food Delivery ServiceUberEats Philadelphia Food Delivery ServiceUberEats Philadelphia Food Delivery Service
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