How to Mass Invite your Friends to a Facebook Event

By May 6, 2014Social Media

Updated June 22, 2015

It’s with a little hesitation that I put this up because it’s the #1 most annoying thing on Facebook that clogs up people’s notification boxes, but I also feel like if you have something you need to tell people it’s the most effective way to reach them outside of a text message. So here goes…

I’ve been updating this page for 3 years now and while Facebook keeps cracking down on mass invites someone always finds a way around it. The most recent (and easiest to use) mass invite tool is Facebook Invite All Google chrome plugin. Click the link below and watch the short video (also posted below)  on the screen that pops up. Keep it mind that Facebook is still limiting the number of people that you can invite to an event, it hasn’t allowed me to invite over 1,200.

As usual, if you have any questions or comments post them below and I’ll try to help out.

Chrome Extension Link

  • jv

    Safari is not working. Is there something I can change in the preferences that makes it work?

    • Robert Wright

      You can download the Opera browser.

  • ballrob

    If Safari isn’t working download the Opera Browser and try using that.

  • JD

    This is not working- I tried Safari and Opera –

    • Robert Wright

      Yes, facebook added a block so you can only do 200 at a time. I’ve been searching for an alternative, but for now you’re limited to 200 at a time

      • mysharoni

        Oddly, I did not experience the 200 at a time issue (it worked for me!) BUT I just tried to help a friend out by doing it for him, and it not only showed the 200 limit thing, but it then did not allow to invite ANY more people past that small number. Very strange that it should work for me and not him….did it from the same computer, same browser. Tried both Safari and Opera.

        • I have a theory that this happens because this person has been abusing the invite system in the eyes of Facebook. Also, you are now limited at 1,200 total invites to all events unless you pay for them of course.

  • Robert Wright

    There was an issue with wordpress automatically converting the quotation marks. I’ve updated the code by adding a .txt file which you can easily copy and paste from.

  • Fraser

    neither web browser is working for me!?

  • Craig lerr
  • Garry Lachman

    1. you use the logo of my product (Invite Them All) – but ok 🙂

    2. Here is the new method – Oct 13:

    • Robert Wright

      Hey Gar, Sorry bout that I changed it up

      • Garry Lachman

        As i wrote… its ok.. you can use it 🙂

  • Alberto Bedin

    works, but is max 500 🙁

    • Try doing a new event and inviting 199 at a time.

  • kayla

    Need Help

  • LarissaT

    Does anyone know if we can invite people who are not our friends, yet we have their email addresses? So essentially sending invites by email…

    • This isn’t currently possible for event invites. However you can invite people via email to be your friend but a big email list throws up a red flag and gets blocked. I suggest an email list with less than 200 emails.

  • Dylan Ouellet

    Hello, I see that you run into the exactly same problem as mine. You can use this Facebook invite all friends PRO to invite all friends or subrange to FB events or FB pages: