How to Mass Invite your Friends to a Facebook Event

Updated June 22, 2015

It’s with a little hesitation that I put this up because it’s the #1 most annoying thing on Facebook that clogs up people’s notification boxes, but I also feel like if you have something you need to tell people it’s the most effective way to reach them outside of a text message. So here goes…
I’ve been updating this page for 3 years now and while Facebook keeps cracking down on mass invites someone always finds a way around it. The most recent (and easiest to use) mass invite tool is Facebook Invite All Google chrome plugin. Click the link below and watch the short video (also posted below)  on the screen that pops up. Keep it mind that Facebook is still limiting the number of people that you can invite to an event, it hasn’t allowed me to invite over 1,200.
As usual, if you have any questions or comments post them below and I’ll try to help out.
Chrome Extension Link

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