Bergholz Tree Experts


Bergholz Tree Experts is family owned and operated tree company operating out of Gloucester County, New Jersey that has a great reputation in the local area for quality work. While most of their work comes from tree service clients they also do a lot of land clearing, commercial work and of course they sell firewood. 

We were contacted by the owner Gunar as a referral from another happy client. This is a situation were he wasn’t 100% sure what he wanted us to do but knew that he generally needed some professional help with marketing as a whole. He was working with another local marketing company at the time, but their services were limited to digital.

Our team immediately stepped up and stepped in by making an immediate impact. There was some amazing gems that we were able to uncover immediately one of which is that Bergholz was doing a lot of free work for the community. This just comes as second nature to Gunar but we saw an opportunity to get this story out to a larger audience, the people needed to know! We used social media as our primary vessel to roll out a recap video from their most recent community project. Thousands of views and hundreds of local likes later the phone is ringing and the leads are coming in.

Bergholz Tree Experts trusts us to be their in-house marketing department, managing all levels of graphic design and creative, website, search engine optimization, email marketing, video, photos, social media, public relations and so much more. We very much enjoy the work we do with Gunar, Alex and the rest of the Bergholz team.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • WordPress Website Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Ads Creation and Management
  • Search Advertising Management


With a such a tangible business like tree service it’s important to show consumers in the service area the projects that your team is completing. Our videos for Bergholz Tree Experts show community projects, safety and professionalism. We use these videos on social media to continually keep Bergholz top of mind when consumers are thinking about hiring a tree company.