Executive tree care


Operating since 2009, Executive Tree Care is a locally owned and operated tree service company servicing Chester County, Montgomery County, Delaware County (Delco) & Philadelphia County. With over a decade of experience Executive Tree Care is trusted by thousands of happy customers in 5 Pennsylvania counties! Their main line of business is residential tree service however they also do a good amount of commercial work, they sell firewood and they have a honey bee farm!

This is a situation where we actually sought out Executive as a client. Our team had worked with Jeremy and his team on a community project.  We were very impressed by the amount of time and effort that Jeremy & his team put into the project. A few months later we had the ability to take on some new work and we remembered that Executive didn’t get a lot of attention for all for of the work they had put into that community project. I asked Jeremy for a meeting with him and his team and the rest is history. 

Now a few years working together we’ve maximised every opportunity by capturing and promoting his community work, elevating his content, running contests and so much more. Jeremy and his team are truly a joy to work with and we’re excited to take this ride with them!

Executive Tree Care trusts us to be their in-house marketing department, managing all levels of graphic design and creative, website, search engine optimization, email marketing, video, photos, social media, public relations and so much more. Here’s a great example of the work that we love doing for them.



  • Marketing Strategy
  • WordPress Website Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Material Printing
  • Video Production
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Ads Creation and Management
  • Search Advertising Management

Tree Care Service Marketing


Our video marketing strategy starts with putting community first. Executive Tree Care does a lot of projects around the community however many of these jobs fly under the radar. Our goal is to show the good service that Executive Tree Care provides through impactful videos. The videos that we produce are then put to work on social media with ad campaigns attached.