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8 Philadelphia Social Sites to Follow for Upcoming Events, News and Inside Info

Philly is a city you can spend your entire life in and never run out of things to do, but finding those things to do can present its own challenge. To make the challenge a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top social media movers in Philly. These accounts and websites were chosen because they’re always up to date, on top of things, and in the know – in other words, exactly where you want to be. To make it onto this list yourself you’re going to need to up your instagram followers so that you have a bigger platform and influencing potential, and be able to offer fresh ideas on what to do and see in the city. If you try to build up this following through plenty of content but don’t seem to be getting anywhere, it’s always worth trying one of these instagram bots from this list ( by Increditools.


Uwishunu is a breath of fresh air in the “what to do that I haven’t already done” world and the perfect digital destination for tourists and locals alike. Not only do they stay on top of the latest events, they provide cut-to-the-chase information without superfluous details. Whether you’re looking for the most popular eateries or a comprehensive list of free activities in Philadelphia, Uwishunu has you covered.

Philly Foodies

Philly Foodies is an Instagram account that could add a few thousand calories to your life, and that’s a beautiful thing. Their Instagram features gorgeous food photography and the kind of variety you’d normally have to visit a buffet to see (if that buffet was high class and fried, gooey goodness). Following their Instagram will land you instant eye candy and local restaurant recommendations all at once.

Philly Mag

For the latest city news, deals, and Philadelphia-exclusive lifestyle updates, be sure to check out the ubiquitous Philly Mag. This local magazine does more than cover the latest events – they also host a few of them, ranging from foodie-centric happenings to wine festivals to architectural showcases.

Small Talk Media

What’s better than an Instagram account with mouthwatering food photography? One that has surprise appearances from an adorable dog. Small Talk Media brings viewers positively scrumptious photos of Philly’s best-though not always best known-food. On top of offering amazing food, they also keep their followers up to date on the latest events hosted by their diverse cadre of clients. Glue yourself to this Instagram account to have delicious photography and events beamed directly to your feed.

Philly Chit Chat

If you want to follow the latest Philly happenings, Philly Chit Chat is the site to watch. Owner, writer, photographer, and all-around Renaissance man, Hugh E Dillion keeps his followers abreast of all the latest events and scenes in Philadelphia. Whether you go for the fashion, the events, or the photography, one thing is for sure: you’ll never want for Philly news in Dillon’s company.

Philly Voice

Like the city itself, Philly Voice offers viewers a little bit of everything: national news, Philly news, events, wellness information, sports, and so much more. For keeping up to date with the coolest events, niche or mainstream, be sure to follow this social media mover and prepare to stay busy.

Michael Klein

The voice of the people, Michael Klein has been covering the Philadelphia restaurant scene for over a decade. As a writer for, (the single largest publication in Philadelphia) he always has the inside scoop on what’s coming next, who’s closing and what restaurant family is having internal beef. Follow on Instagram @phillyinsider

Phil My Tummy

While they do have a great blog, you want to make sure you’re following @phillymytummy on Instagram for some of the best food photos in Philly. They never miss a new restaurant and have probably been too every restaurant in Philly at least once.. including food trucks.

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