What’s the best time to send your Marketing Messages?

Is There a Perfect Time to Send Your Marketing Message?
When sending your marketing message you need to think about the timing of your message, is it relevant to the content of your message? Will your customer appreciate receiving this message at this particular time?
There is no perfect time to send a mobile marketing message, however there are some general times that seem to be good for certain industry sectors.
If you own a restaurant, café or fast food outlet and you are looking for some extra footfall during the lunch hour, then sending lunchtime offers around 11am while customers stomach’s are rumbling and lunch time plans are being made is a perfect time.
For retail stores we have found that Saturday mornings work great as people are deciding where to go and what to do with their day, a little Saturday morning offer could mean they they come in and visit you.
Online retailers is a little bit more tricky, however we have found that in the early evenings particularly on Sundays works well, people are usually planning their week and having a little downtime where they might treat themselves to a little present.
So before you hit the send button on your marketing message stop, look at the time and think about your customer and message.

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