Philly’s Hottest New Startup: Social Ladder

You have 3,000 friends on Facebook, 900 followers on twitter and 600 followers on Instagram. You stay very active on each of the networks by checking in, posting food photos, sharing with friends and commenting. Did you know that businesses would kill for a person like you?
The question has always been, “We know these social butterflies are out there, but how do we find them?” Welcome to Social Ladder! This new state of the art (I love using that phrase) technology allows consumers to connect all of their social media accounts to one app and it allows businesses to reward those people based on how influential they are.
We’ve actually gotten quite cozy with the owners of Social Ladder and they’ve allowed our events company, One Up Events, to take on the nightlife marketing end of the business. What does this mean for our clients, friends and prospects? You all get a FREE Trial!
If you’re interested in trying out this revolutionary new software on your business please shoot us an email at

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