Fun Videos from Small Talk Media

It can’t be all work and no play all of the time. Here’s a few videos that we put together for some of the fun events that we’ve been apart of.

Video Marketing: Now Offered In House by Small Talk Media

Facebook is no doubt the largest player in the social media advertising space right now. With the ability to target users based on their “likes” and where they live, Facebook has given businesses the ability to find new customers like never before. We’ve been using Facebook ads at Small Talk Media for years but it… Continue reading Video Marketing: Now Offered In House by Small Talk Media

Homepage, Event and Menu Edits on Squarespace

Bite Sized Cooking Videos | A Youtube trend

It seems that there’s a new trend on Youtube that’s been spiking channel views. While consumer attention spans continue to diminish it seems that :30 second cooking videos have quickly replaced our Martha Stewart and Rachel Rays of the world. Here’s a few samples of short cooking videos with astounding view counts.

An Enlightening Experience for Three Grandmas

Some guys in Washington State (where the recreational use of marijuana legal) got three volunteer grandmoms high for the first time. Hilarity ensued….

Best Commercials of 2013

When you run a digital marketing agency you’re creativity is constantly tested. Here’s a few advertisers from 2013 that aren’t running low on creativity. Digital Marketing Agency Philadelphia