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Madison Resorts Transforms Coastal Landscape with Acquisition of Royal Hawaiian Motel in Wildwood Crest

Small Talk Media is excited to share the latest triumph of our esteemed client, Madison Resorts. Our marketing agency has been instrumental in the expansion and branding of Madison Resorts, and we are thrilled to bring you the exciting news of their recent acquisition in Wildwood Crest. Read on to discover how Madison Resorts is revitalizing the iconic Royal Hawaiian Motel into a beachfront gem, seamlessly blending classic doo-wop aesthetics with modern luxury.

Expanding the Madison Resorts Brand:

Madison Resorts has solidified its presence in Wildwood Crest with the recent $13.4 million acquisition of the Royal Hawaiian Motel, located at 500 E. Orchid Road. This strategic move is part of Madison Resorts’ commitment to preserving the area’s iconic doo-wop legacy. The resort company plans to merge the newly acquired property with the former Oceanview Motel, creating a larger, more vibrant beachfront resort for guests to enjoy.

Renovation Plans and Upgrades:

With a $7 million investment, Madison Resorts is set to embark on a comprehensive renovation of the Royal Hawaiian Motel. The five-story property will undergo a transformation, including the refurbishment of approximately 88 rooms, restoration of the pool, and an exterior makeover to reflect the signature Madison Resorts color scheme. CEO Dan Alicea emphasizes the company’s dedication to maintaining the Royal Hawaiian Motel as a staple in the Wildwood skyline.

Rebranding and Integration:

Upon completion of the renovation, the Royal Hawaiian Motel will retire its name and join the Madison Resort Wildwood Crest family as the Beach Tower. This integration, along with the neighboring Oceanview Motel, will result in a grand resort boasting around 200 hotel rooms, two pools, two hot tubs, three restaurants, two fitness centers, five conference rooms, and two rooftop event spaces. The former Royal Hawaiian will also welcome furry friends as a pet-friendly addition.

A Culinary Experience:

Madison Resorts remains tight-lipped about the details of its three restaurants but hints at an exciting dining experience for guests. Two restaurants will find their home in the former Oceanview Motel building, while the third will grace the former Royal Hawaiian, which already boasts a restaurant space. This culinary addition adds to the allure of Madison Resorts as a comprehensive destination.

Year-Round Fun and Entertainment:

With plans to offer live music and entertainment during the summer, Madison Resorts aims to bring “energy, fun, and excitement” to the Wildwoods. The resort will operate year-round, extending an offer to all Royal Hawaiian employees to remain on staff. The project aligns with a broader wave of development in the Wildwoods, contributing to the area’s economic growth and iconic boardwalk updates.

Continued Growth Along the Jersey Shore:

The Royal Hawaiian Motel marks Madison Resorts’ third Jersey Shore hotel acquisition in two years. The company previously acquired the Montreal Beach Resort in Cape May in January 2022 for $23 million, including the renowned Harry’s Ocean Bar and Grille. The Montreal Beach Resort is set to be rebranded as Madison Resort Cape May, with renovations ongoing throughout 2024.

Looking Ahead:

Madison Resorts, led by CEO Dan Alicea, remains actively engaged in the search for additional properties along the Jersey Shore to further enhance its brand. While details about future acquisitions remain undisclosed, Madison Resorts’ commitment to excellence and growth continues to shape the hospitality landscape in this beloved coastal region.

As Madison Resorts expands its reach along the Jersey Shore, Small Talk Media is proud to have played a pivotal role in elevating their brand through strategic public relations and marketing efforts. We look forward to witnessing the grand unveiling of the Beach Tower and the continued success of Madison Resorts in providing unparalleled experiences for guests. For those seeking a memorable stay, don’t miss the opportunity to book your 2024 getaway at Madison Resort, now offering more rooms than any other resort in Cape May County!

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