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Rob Wright

Your Favorite Sales Guy to Successful Entrepreneur

Working for the Philadelphia City Paper as my first job out of college, I became cozy with almost every bar, restaurant and nightclub owner in the city. I used to get to the office at 9am and be out on the street walking my beat by 10am. It wasn’t long before I realized that newspaper was a dying industry and even though my body grows older everyday I wasn’t ready to go down with a sinking ship.

Now in my 2nd year as a full time entrepreneur I consider myself every bar, restaurant & nightclub owner’s first call when looking for a better digital marketing presence.

Seeing that I started being so effective with the highly competitive nightlife segment of the market I felt it was time to sniff around and see what else I could plug myself into.

I currently have 30+ full-time clients with a high percentage still being nightlife but I also work with national brands, real estate developers, clothing brands, restaurants, hotels, furniture stores, gyms and a few other. If that doesn’t keep me busy enough I  also have my own successful Philadelphia based nightlife website, One Up has been part of some of the biggest events in the city including; New Years Eve, Hair O’ The Dog, Mummer’s Mardi Gras, The Mad Decent Blockparty, Red Bull’s Thre3Style and many more.

My newest venture is the Ahh Fresh DJ School, which is already building steam by capturing the attention of a lot of youngsters looking to get behind the turntables.