Cavanaugh’s Restaurant Group


Cavanaugh’s is our longest standing client. Before Small Talk Media and long before Table Talk was a 23 year old guy in an apartment working sales jobs during the day and building a digital marketing company at night… that guy is me (Rob Wright, Owner Table Talk.) I can remember visiting Cavanaugh’s Riverdeck in my 20’s. In Philadelphia, The Riverdeck is almost a rite of passage. It brings in thousands of young people each weekend to dance, drink and hang out. 

As the owner’s of the Riverdeck continued their growth they were looking for new more consistent revenue streams, enter Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse. A laid back sports bar in center city Philadelphia. Now with two locations under their belts they started looking for another location, this is where Table Talk came in. Upon finding their Cavanaugh’s Headhouse location they were looking for “promoters” to help them open with a bang. Having amassed a large group of friends in the Philadelphia area and wanting to launch my fledgling digital marketing agency I decided to pitch the owners on letting me throw a party. They let me throw the party and guess what, it flopped. 

Even Though that individual party wasn’t as advertised I still felt that I could help this new location grow, not by acting as a party promoter but by helping them in every area of their marketing. They signed on as one of my very first clients and I quickly went to work. I created their website, helped with the menu, managed all of their social media, helped them build out a new private party booking system and so much more. After a few months it was Riverdeck season. They called me in to see what I could help with there. We rebuilt the website, turned the private party and guestlist system completely digital, developed email marketing, started social media pages, took over graphic design and developed promotions. 

Now almost 10 years later the team at Cavanaugh’s still has 6 locations throughout Philadelphia. We’re still their trusted marketing arm offering constant ideas to help build their reputation and drive sales. | |

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