Social Media Software that shows an ROI

We’ve launched a social media marketing software that can build your business unlike any other software on the market. Automated Twitter following, automated welcome messages, automated Facebook and email birthday messages, mass Facebook post to multiple accounts, and more! This is the future of social media marketing are you on board! Your 30 day trial… Continue reading Social Media Software that shows an ROI

Does Your Website Crush It?

Being a social media consultant in Philadelphia I’ve noticed that many of my customers and potential customers don’t have a decent website much less have the need for social sign in. I often have to point them towards hosting services like and CMS systems like WordPress to get them to make something more substantial… Continue reading Does Your Website Crush It?

How to ruin your business with Facebook

Owners Samy and Amy BouzagloCouple Samy and Amy Bouzaglo are apparently writing the book on how to destroy a restaurant using social media. The couple went on a facebook comment tirade after negative criticism from their recent expulsion from Kitchen Nightmares via Gordon Ramsey. Check out the full story here Source: